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About me

A design director with eight+ years of experience.

I blend my business knowledge with empathy for the consumer experience to produce one-of-a-kind and unique brands.

To accomplish better and more engaging creative work, I partner with people, teams, and businesses to develop design systems, strategies, and valuable brands.

What I do

This isn't just a nice design; it's a design that increases the value of your brand.


Logo Design

I create work I love, and I believe in what I do. Designing a logo is where I find myself happy.



Illustrations is a very strong language to communicate with people, However, using it in branding is a very challenging yet amusing part of my work.


& Editorial Design

The editorial design has been always something interesting to do, building the layout, choosing the fonts, imagery…etc. It’s very challenging to create right and appealing publication.


User Interface Design

I love mobile apps, and I love to play around and create ones.

Success Stories

Startups that we blaized a trail with.

Raised six-figure seed

PayNas won grand prize at Seamless North Africa 2019

Raised $600k Seed Round

The Designers Meetup™ initiative

TDM is a community meet up founded by Marwan Ramadan to gather designers, both amateurs and professionals to discuss graphic design in person and exchanging experience ……

Let’s collaborate

Send me an email, to discuss a new project.

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